Frances and Francine Cole Culinary Scholarship

On behalf of Ve’Atlass and his family. The Frances and Francine Cole Culinary Scholarship was established in honor of both of Da-Designers two loves “His Sister Francine Cole-Maddox whom he lost on 04-04-20 and his Mother Frances Alice Bradley Cole, whom he lost on 06-26-22. They both had a passion of love for the culinary arts. And before Francine got ill, she was dedicated and excite to be applying to attend (GTCC) Guilford Community College in Jamestown North Carolina for Culinary School. Hints the reason for starting such a scholarship in both of their honors at such a prestige’s community college. Frances Cole who did not attend college for culinary arts had always expressed her passion a long with Francine by feeding the neighborhood with every new dish they could come up with. Those two ladies could cook anything you could think of. So, you can imagine what holiday dinners looked like in the “Cole” household.

So please help the “Cole” Family keep the spirt of eating good food with this scholarship in both of their names.

All proceeds will go towards helping a student at GTCC obtain the dream of being a fine dining cook, in the likes of both Frances and Francine.

Thank You in advance.
The Cole Family.

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