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The name Ve’Atlass is as unknown and unique to the world, as to the designer himself. Ve’Atlass (Pronounced just like it’s spelled “Ve — At — Lass”) acquired the name from his grandfather, who from his understanding got the name passed down to him from out of Latvian located in the Baltic States, northeastern region of Europe containing the countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. So now that you have the origin of the name, let’s discuss the creation of the Ve’Atlass Logo and the significance behind the look and symbol.
The creator of the brand full name at birth, “William Ve’Atlass Cole” designed the logo in honor of both of his heartbeats, his two sons. They were both born in the month of January, which is the month of the “GOAT” – Greatest of All Time – Capricorn Logo. The Capricorn is the zodiac of the month of January in which both boys were born, but it also represents the most prestigious of all fibers in the world, Cashmere which comes from the underbelly of goats in the Gobi Desert. Ve’Atlass will try to represent this fiber in all of the products in the line. And if for some reason or another that fiber can’t be used the designer will find another fiber that is comfortable in feel and performance. Ve’Atlass would like for you to not only look the part of the brand but feel the part as well. Another thing you will notice is that the price of all of the merchandise offered on the website and at retail, will reflect the year when both sons were born; 1997 and 2004. The 97 and the 04 will be used a lot in the pricing scheme of all products.
Now that the background information and logo designed has been reveled, the Ve’Atlass story itself is also very unique and one that could be told across the board of “Ghost Designers”. A “Ghost Designer” is a designer that designs behind, many famous clothing brands. We refer to them as an industry of hired-gun designers who actually take brand direction from the brand owners and create the clothes or graphics. For years Ve’Atlass has been doing just that, playing behind the other brand names. But now things are about to change. Ve’Atlass realized that sometimes in business as in life, you come to a fork in the road, and have to pick which direction you want to go in. This is when you weigh in on the pros and cons and let you heart lead the way.
After over 30 years in design (As a Ghost Designer) for some of the most prestigious brands in the world; FUBU (For Us By Us), Phat Farm, Sean John, New Balance, Nike, Champion USA, National Football League, and many more he recognized that it is time to put his focus on his own signature brand Ve’Atlass. Knowing that he has about 20 more years before he can start dreaming about retirement, he realized he had to keep the drive going to leave a legacy for his sons. This is when Ve’Atlass the brand was born. The Brand will feature all of the knowledge that has been gathered over the years from the other brands, and will be locked into “Ve’Atlass the Collection”.
Ve’Atlass realized, what keeps you grounded is knowing the love you have for what you do “I love the world of design, there is nothing like it, every time you turn around you walk and see design; anytime you pick something up, you feel design”. “The world of design is amazing”. “Surround yourself with creative minds and you will spill over in synergy”. “I believe this is my opportunity i.e. fork in the road, so I feel the time is now, to share Ve’Atlass with the world”.
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